“There was complete transparency and honesty…pertaining to what was going to happen” – PG

For many of my patients coming to see me is their first experience of plastic or cosmetic surgery. So I have put together a short guide to some things you can expect when you come to see me, and during any procedure you may need.

If you have any further questions you might find the answers on my frequently asked questions page. If not, you’re very welcome to contact Vicki, my secretary, on [email protected] or 0800 690 6030.

What happens at my first consultation?

When you arrive at my clinic you will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself such as contact details, GP surgery, method of payment and any pre-authorisation number from your health insurance.

We will then meet for anything from 15 minutes to an hour or more depending on the complexity of the treatment you need. I consider the initial consultation to be as important as the surgery itself. During the appointment we take as much time as you need to explore what your hopes and expectations are of the surgery I will perform. I then explain, in detail, what will happen before, during and after the surgery, and the results you can expect to have.

Can you show me before and after photos of the procedure I am thinking about?

Absolutely. It’s important that you see what results could be achieved. But what I must stress is that everyone is different, and that’s something we will discuss during our consultation.

What sort of things will you ask in the consultation?

The kind of things we will discuss will depend upon why you have come to see me, but may include.

• Why do you want to change how you look?
• What part of your appearance do you want to change?
• What expectations do you have about the results of the procedure?
• Is this the right time to be having the treatment?
• What time do you have to recover from the surgery?

How quickly after the initial consultation can I have the procedure?

The timescales between our initial consultation and your treatment will depend on what procedure you are having. I would always wish to meet you at least twice before undertaking a cosmetic procedure. I also like to leave a cooling-off period of at least two weeks between your decision to have surgery and the actual procedure date.

What happens when I come for my procedure?

This will depend on the procedure you are having. When we confirm your appointment date we will also send you specific information about the kind of preparation you might want to do, as well as anything you need to bring into hospital with you.

If you smoke I recommend you give up or cut down as much as you can. Smoking can cause complications from anaesthesia and slow down and interfere with the healing of skin and wounds. For this reason, some procedures are not suitable for smokers.

Whatever procedure you are having please let us know if you get a cold, sore throat or any other illness close to the date for your procedure. We might need to reschedule your admission for your safety.

Once the procedure has taken place we’ll let you know as soon as we’re able when you can go home, so you have time to arrange a lift. I will give you any instructions that you need to follow once you’re home. I will also arrange for any follow-up appointment or treatment, and ensure any necessary painkillers are available for you to take home. Finally, I will write to your GP (where appropriate) to inform them of the procedure and its results.

How long will it take for me to recover?

Your recovery time will depend on the procedure you have had, as well as the general state of your health.

The best way to help yourself recover quickly is to follow any instructions I have given about resting, and take pain medication as I have prescribed (toughing it out doesn’t make you heal faster!). If you’re a smoker one of the best things you can do is to keep your intake as low as possible until you have fully healed.